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International Pick-Up - Yellow
One of the first PMC promotional miniatures in
production was this beautiful International
Pick-Up. It probably represents a 1947 or '48

Although ruggedly built, many lost the vertical
dividing bar between the windshield halves due
to a bit too much pressure applied to the roof.
You weren't supposed to sit on them.

This example is identical to the one I owned and
loved as a child.
Nice rounded cab and fenders. Typical IHC style.
Even the bottom looked good!
Notice those nifty clear embossed headlights!
Detailed bed floor, but tailgate did not operate.
The Milwaukee Journal Version
Having been born in Milwaukee in 1942, this unique truck has special meaning to me. It is by far the
most rare of all the PMC pick-ups. I don't know a lot about its history other than surmising it was
probably made as a special run for use by The Milwaukee Journal newspaper. It is not painted, but
instead made of forest green plastic. All other basic details are identical to the standard model above.
The wheels were also authentically detailed.
The box was standard and not specially marked.