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Plymouths, made by the The Chrysler
Corporation, must have been an early client of
the Product Miniature Company. Many scale
Plymouth promotional models were made by

Although Plymouths of the early '50's were not
widely revered as beautifully styled, the replicas
made by PMC were still well detailed and true to
their real life counterparts.

Two different scales were used as evidenced by
the Plymouth station wagons shown later.
The clean lines of the Plymouth station wagon were pleasing enough, but it wasn't a high-style car of
the period. This was probably a 1953 issue.
The Plymouth Ambulance was a very nice toy. It featured a friction powered "Spin-Torque Motor"
along with a "Siren." A red plastic drum was attached to the floor just behind the dash. It resonated by
means of a steel spring attached to its base. The steel spring vibrated against the motor as it turned.
This produced the "siren" sound.
Fire Chief Car #1854
This great-looking Fire Chief car comes with a Spin-Torque Motor. Its model number (1854) probably
indicates it is a 1954 issue. It also originally had a "siren" cannister attached to the floor.