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#548 - IH Diesel Crawler Tractor
The International Diesel TD-24 Crawler Tractor was one of PMC's best selling toys. I thoroughly
enjoyed mine, even though without a blade it couldn't do much. It came in a variety of configurations,
but the plain example shown above was by far the most common.
The exhaust stacks are plastic. They are often
missing on toys found today, but metal
replacements are available.
Each toy came with a draw bar that had to be
attached by the buyer. These too are often
either broken or missing.
#353 - Electric Crawler Tractor
The electric version of the TD-24 Crawler Tractor came equipped with headlights, adjustable bulldozer
blade, and transformer with controls. In 1954 an updated version (Model No. 355) was offered that
included a grain wagon, three logs, an 18" log chain, and remote control panel. It was also available
(as Model No. 354) without the transformer for those who wanted to use the transformer that came
with their electric train set. Very thoughtful of PMC!
The controls were relatively simple, but it was a
chore to haul around the heavy transformer.
With its wide blade and protection shield almost
hiding the headlights, this baby meant business!
Blade height was adjusted manually by turning
the aluminm knob in front of the radiator.
Blade angle was also adjusted manually - using
a knob on each blade support beam.
As seen on the Garry Moore Show  - Click Here