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#1700 Tournahauler
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#1700 Tournahauler

Long. Over 41" with its ramp extended, this huge
hauler could carry any of the other construction
pieces in the Nylint Line-up.

There were 4 basic versions of the Tournahauler.
The exact year of manufacture for each version
is difficult to ascertain, but the dates shown are
reasonable estimates.

There were very few variations in terms of
changes in construction.
Version #1  -  1953
The silver square grille attached by a single rivet
is a primary characteristic of Version #1.
First year Tournahaulers were painted in a
beautiful shade of dark green.
The 1953 model carried
the "authorized by R.G.
LeTourneau Inc." decal.
The LET logo
re-emphasized the
authenticity of the toy.
Bold yellow lettering
adorned the bed side.
The tandem rear wheels
remained unchanged
througout production.
The loading wheel  and
winch also remained
unchanged throughout.
When stowed, the
pull-out ramp caused a
wheel chock bracket to
be raised, keeping the
load from rolling off the
The famous Nylint
equilateral triangle decal
was found on the back of
the prime mover.
A simple box was used
with no graphics other
than lettering.
Version #2  -  1953(4)
This toy may actually be a 1954 production. The
1953 style grille is offset by the decals below.
Yellow is an EXTREMELY RARE version. It
remains a mystery as to why there are so few.
Beginning in 1954, Nylint
changed its decals to
match the original
machines, now including
the Westinghouse
The "LET" is encased
inside a large "W."
The bed decal is
identical to Version #1,
but is now in black.
Similarly, the prime
mover decal is the same
except in black.