About Nylint Toys

    Pressed steel toys by the Ny-lint (later Nylint) Tool and Manufacturing Company of Rockford,
    Illinois are considered by many as among the best American toys ever manufactured. Their line
    included literally hundreds of models of construction equipment, trucks, and cars.

    Especially during the 1950’s and 60’s, Nylint toys were often faithful replicas of real pieces of
    machinery and automobiles made by leading US manufacturers. In fact, many people are of the
    opinion that Nylint’s toy Ford Econolines and their F-Series Ford trucks were actually better
    styled than their real-life counterparts!

    A comprehensive Ny-Lint Collector’s Guide was published in 1991 by Neil and Lois McElwee.
    Reprints of this paper back 44-page booklet can still be purchased on E-bay. An early account
    can also be read on this site by clicking on "Nylint Literature."

    The collection represented here is my attempt to obtain representative examples of the Nylint line.
    There are many variations, especially of long-production run toys like the Michigan Shovel
    (actually a crane). A “complete” collection is probably impossible to achieve, but somehow I
    ended up with quite a few even though I tried to limit my collection to the toys manufactured prior
    to 1970.

    Nylints of this period were great toys. Many had “action features” that enhanced their play value
    and provided countless hours of constructive fun for thousands of young boys and girls over their
    long and varied production run. The Nylint Company filed bankruptcy and closed their doors in
    The above LINK will display the sale prices of the Nylint toys in this collection. The purpose of this
    list is to assist collectors in placing a value on their own toys or collections. Values and sale
    prices can vary a great deal based on the current prevailing market - including rarity, condition,
    and demand.