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#2100 Tournadozer
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Nylint #2100 Tournadozer

Replacing the yellow Tournatractor which was
produced for only two years (1954-55), the new
Tournadozer included an added feature - a rear
mounted winch! It was carried in the Nylint
line-up for four years (1956-59).

There were two versions based on winch design
and wheel color. The early version used a
beaded chain. Later versions used a stronger,
linked chain. Changes were made in the pulley
design to accommodate the chain width.
Version #1  -  1956
Based on Nylint literature, the beaded chain was only used during the first year of production - 1956.
For some reason the drum-shaped attachment
present on earlier Tournatractors, and on
Version #2 below, was omitted from Version #1.
The screw-type shaft adjusted the height of the
Version #2  -  1957-59
Nylint catalogs showed this toy with orange wheels and the linked chain as early as 1957. Collectors
have also reported Tournadozers with larger diameter yellow wheels.
This drum-shaped housing was carried over from
the Torunatractor - purely decorative - but did
not appear on Version #1.
This toy was also authorized by LeTourneau-