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#1500 Tournahopper
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Version #3
Nylint #1500 Tournahopper

Just a great, smooth-operating earth hauler. The
unique clamshell bay doors were well engineered.

There were three versions of this toy which was
produced from 1952 through 1956.

The versions are based only on grille design and
color. All other construction details remained the
same throughout production.
Version #1  -  1952-53
The Tournahopper was a great companion for other Nylint toys. It could transport the dirt other toys
loaded. The plain brown box did not include any graphics.
This version was marketed as authorized by R. G. LeTourneau, Inc. The next version would include a
reference to Westinghouse. The rear decal was a simple Nylint triangle.
Version #2  -  1954-55
The stamped metal grille was the only real construction change made for Version #2. The decals were
updated and the shipping box now featured a rendering of the actual toy.
As was done for all authorized LeTourneau toys, the Westinghouse reference was added for 1954.
The rear decal now had the extra wording around the outside edges of the Nylint triangle.
It seems a separate printed label was pasted across the end of the box - something I've never seen
before. The cardboard insert was a masterpiece in protection - best of any Nylint toy.