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#2000 Speed Swing
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Nylint #2000 Speed Swing

The toy was almost as versatile as the real
machine it represented. The Speed Swing,
produced by Nylint from 1955 through 1958,
could perform amazing acrobatic movements - if
you were able to master the somewhat complex
control levers.

Only two versions were produced - orange and
yellow. The only difference, besides color, was a
slight change in the side decal, as illustrated
Version #1  -  1955-56
The first version debuted in a vibrant orange paint scheme. The side decal oval (below) has a clear
background. Compare that to the oval in the decal for the yellow version below.
Version #2  -  1957-58
The construction details of the second version toy were identical in every way (except for the side
decal) to the first version.