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#3100 Payloader T-S
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Versions #3 and #4
Nylint #3100 Payloader Tractor-Shovel

There were four versions of this toy, three of
which are shown here. The primary difference
regards the presence of fake control levers
inside the cab. Another obvious difference is in
the color. The all yellow versions have been
found both with and without control levers
leading to the conclusion that they were probably
made simultaneously with the standard red
version toys, although in much lower numbers.

This toy was offered from 1959 through 1962.
Version #1  -  1959
All yellow versions were likely made during the same time period as the more common red versions,
perhaps as salesman samples(?). This early version features fake control levers in the cab.
The nose decal uses the orange color lettering
as also found on other Payloaders
Steel wheels with the double layer tread design
were used on all four versions.
Version #2  -  1959
While all construction details remained basically the same for all versions, slight differences can be
found in the decals and, of course, the presence of those fake control levers in the cab.
The orange color lettering on the nose decal
signifies an early version toy.
This nifty clicker makes a loud "rat-a-tat" sound
whenever the toy is moved forward or backward.