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Nylint #6500 Payloader

This toy took the place of the #3100 Payloader
Tractor-Shovel in the Nylint line-up. Quality-wise
it was a step down from its predecessor and
from the original #1600 Payloader.

There were two versions of this toy. One was
red, the other was orange. Other than color, all
other details of construction remained the same.

The #6500 was produced for four years, 1963
through 1966.
Version #1 - Red
A very handsome toy. The bucket size was reduced from that used on the #3100 Payloader Tractor-
Shovel and the earlier #1600 Payloader Those nifty #1600 hydraulic cylinders were also omitted.
A raised panel for the "PAYLOADER" decal was added to the engine housing stamping. The nose
decal was the same as that used for the #3100 and #1600 except the lettering was now in yellow..
Version #2 - Orange
It is not possible to figure out from the Nylint catalogs which version (red or orange) came first.
Perhaps they were produced simultaneously (?).
Quality Comparison
Undercarriage of #1600 Payloader. Note heavy-
duty steering mechanism and bucket release
system. This toy had solid rubber tires.
Undercarriage of #6500 Payloader. Note simpler
and cheaper steering mechanism as well as
bucket release system. This toy had hollow
plastic wheels.