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Versions #3 and #4
Nylint #1600 Payloader

Made from 1952 through 1958, the Payloader
underwent very few, if any, construction
changes. There were, however, several paint
and decal variations leading to at least six

The toy was authorized by the Frank G. Hough
Company of Libertyville, Illinois and was an
extremely good seller. Many are still around.

Some dates shown are best estimates.
Version #1  -  1952
    Note: To see another (and very rare)
    version of the 1952 Hough Payloader click
The first version set the standard for the next seven years of production. First year versions are only
distinguishable by their red and white paper bucket "OPERATOR" labels. The recent finding of a beige
Payloader with the paper label confirms that the beige color was an early variation - and a 7th version!
This warning should have been well heeded. The
bucket lifting gears could easily be stripped.
The nose decal, authorizing the toy by the Hough
Co. was never changed throughout production.
At first, simple black lettering was used on the
side decal.
The yellow seat became a stable Payloader
feature for many years.
Version #2  -  1953-55
The same date range is being listed for Version #2 and Version #3 since they may have been
simultaneously produced. It is thought the beige paint version was a special order item produced in
the original Hough color scheme. They are much harder to find than the red versions.
The familiar Ny-lint triangle was used throughout
the Payloader production years.
As stated above, no changes were made to the
nose decal.