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Nylint #3000 Grader-Loader

There were two versions of this huge dirt mover.
The primary difference came in the way the rear
scoop bucket was released. Early versions had
an elaborate remote release rod operated from
the driver's seat. This was later eliminated but it
is not clear when this omission took place.

This toy was offered in the Nylint catalogs from
1959 through 1962. The remote release system
may have been offered for just the first year.
Version #1  -  1959-60
This first version example features the remote bucket release system. It also has hollow plastic tires.
Version #2  -  1961-62
This second version example has eliminated the remote bucket release system even though it is still
shown on the box rendering. Oddly enough, it also features solid rubber tires. An unsolved mystery.
No triangle decal on the bucket. Note the
presence of the hole in the bucket latch - left
over from the remote release system.
Though the main graphic on this box depicts the
remote bucket release system, the side panel
shown here does not. Very strange.