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Nylint #1300 Tournarocker

Based on a real machine, the Nylint
Tournarockers were intriguing toys with their
unique dumping action.

There were five versions, two open cabs and
three closed cabs. They were made from 1951
through 1957.

The #1300 Tournarocker and the #1400 Road
Grader were the first two construction toys
offered by Nylint in 1951.
Version #1  -  1951-52
It is uncertain whether this "mustard yellow" color was part of the Nylint 1951-52 production line or
made special order for the LeTourneau Company. It is quite rare.
The same orange instrument panel was used on this version as on the second version (below) which
supports the conclusion that they may have been simultaneously produced.
Version #2  -  1951-52
Version #2 was identical in every way to Version #1 with the only exception being the color. It is
possible that the orange color came first. No information is available regarding the sequence of these
color variations.
Compared to Version #1 above, there are no construction changes found on Version #2.
A relatively light string was used to hoist the
dump bed using this ratcheted crank and drum.
This crisp original box features no graphics.