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Nylint #1800 Traveloader

Colossal! Gigantic! The enormity of this toy can
only be appreciated by viewing it in person. It
measures almost 30" long. Truly a boy's toy.

There were three versions of this toy which was
produced from 1953 through 1955. The
differences are very minor, consisting of a
change in the width of the loading blades and a
color change to dark orange. All other
construction details remained unchanged
throughout production.
Version #1  -  1953
The first version featured wide blades for loading gravel, etc., onto the conveyor belt. This may have
caused operational problems as the blades were soon narrowed - perhaps even in mid-year.
Version #2  -  1954
The only difference between Version #1 and Version #2 is the width of the loading blades. The narrow
blades, shown below, probably helped prevent clogging.
The Traveloader was modeled after a real
machine, but the front auger feature can only be
found on the toy.
Here the front auger/loading assembly is in the
raised, or "transport" position. This allowed it to
be trailered to the job site.
The most problematic feature of this toy is the discharge belt. It often broke prematurely or simply
decayed and separated. They are very difficult, if not impossible, to repair.
The decals remained unchanged from version to version. The Traveloader is sometimes mistakenly
thought to be made by Doepke since their famous road graders were also authorized by Adams.