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#1400 Road Grader
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#1400 Road Grader

Nylint never claimed this toy to be a
representation of any real life machine, but it
was a well-proportioned example nonetheless.

There were 4 basic versions of the Road Grader.
Although there were very few construction detail
changes made throughout its production run from
1951 through 1958, a few variations stand out.

Dates shown are best estimates. Individual toys
found may differ from those pictured here.
The change in grille designs is definitely one of
the major characteristics of the different versions.
Decal changes will also be pointed out as they
varied from year to year.
Version #1  -  1951
The small wheel size is a dead give-away that
this is a first version toy.
Another obvious feature is the large hub caps,
used only on Version #1 toys.
Although this example
displays a black "Road
Grader" decal here, it is
reported that some very
early toys used white
The red Nylint equilateral
triangle was used only
on Version #1 Graders
The blade circle
remained unchanged
throughout production.
The blade circle liftiing
rod was straight on
Version #1 toys.
Version #2  -  1952-53
Advertised as "Improved" the only significant
change for Version #2 was the larger wheels.
Steel wheels with rubber tires replaced the
one-piece rubber wheels of Version #1.
No changes here.
The red triangle is now
replaced with a simple
black triangle.
The spring steel lift arm
separator was often the
first part of this toy to go
The silver square
radiatior was retained
for Version #2.