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#2900 Jr. Jack Hammer
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Nylint #2900 Jr. Jack Hammer Drill

Definitely a departure from the mainstream line
of Nylint construction toys, the Jr. Jack Hammer
Drill did not represent a new direction for Nylint.
No other toys like it were ever produced.

It was a clever idea, however, in that it
incorporated the shipping carton as part of the

The Jr. Jack Hammer was offered for only two
years, 1958 and 1959. No variations are known.
To the delight of the operator and to the dismay
of his mother, this toy made an awful racket.
Look closely and you can see that the carton is
actually a representation of an air compressor!
The retail price was $3.98. This one got marked
down to $2.80.
This was the "radiator" end of the compressor.
The hole for attaching the hose is at top.