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Nylint #4600 Hydraulic Dump(er)

The name of this toy changed slightly after its
second year (1962). In 1963 the "er" was
added. This was probably done to avoid
confusion with Nylint's new line of F-series Ford
trucks which included a hydraulic dump truck.

There were 3 basic versions based on decal
changes (possibly a 4th - with a red "N"). Slight
changes in the dump bed floor were also present.

The last version omitted the safety stripes on the
front bumper.
Tread direction may not have been a high priority on the assembly line, but Version #1 (on the left)
actually follows prototypical practice by having the prime mover treads point forward and the trailer
treads point rearward.
Version #1  -  1961-62
Note the tread direction of the front and rear tires - correct prototypical practice! This boxed example
represents all the characteristics of a Version #1 toy.
The box for the #4600 Hydraulic Dump was
rather attractive with excellent graphics. The
code shown below is undeciphered.
The Nylint catalog claimed the dump mechanism
was strong enough to lift a "heaping load of wet
sand." They weren't kidding - stand back.
#4600 Hydraulic Dump(er)