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#4200 Bulldozer
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#4200 Bulldozer

The Nylint Bulldozer may have been designed
after a real machine, but no such claim is made
in any of Nylint's advertising.

It is an excellently designed and proportioned toy
with many slight variations occurring during its
incredible 12 year lifespan.

Most changes are minor, such as color, decal
differences, and tread design. Six versions are
shown here. Some dates shown (red "N"
versions) are best estimates.
Version #1  -  1961-64
Some significant characteristics of the first version bulldozer include its yellow color, a beaded chain
winch, and steel wheels.
You might wonder why the Nylint #4200 Bulldozer is being shown with the plastic TD-24 from the
Product Miniature Co. The point is to show that the treads on both toys are identical! The close ups
below illustrate the "double-layer" design found only on Version #1 Bulldozers.