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#2500 Austin-Western Crane
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A-W Crane - Version 2
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Nylint #2500 Austin-Western Telescoping Crane

Most people are a bit surprised at the size of
this toy. It is 27 inches long and very heavy.

The Telescoping Crane was made from 1957
through 1959. There were no production
changes during this period. A green and white
version was introduced in 1959 but was soon
discontinued as few exist today (see link above.)

Truly a great construction toy with plenty of
realistic action!
The exhaust stack was different than other Nylint
toys. It was shorter to clear the boom.
These three wheels controlled the chain feed,
the boom elevation and the boom extension.
The #2500 Telescoping crane used the same
seat as found on other Nylint toys.
The box was an outstanding example of excellent
graphics lay-out and eye appeal.
For $8.98 you got a lot of toy for your money!