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AMF Wen-Mac Jet Fuel Truck  -  1968(?)
The Texaco Jet Fuel truck is still relatively easy to find today. Its compact styling is well done, having
a little flair for the future, but not to the extreme some of its contemporary toys went. Nice looking!
The maximum view cab is well detailed, inside and out. One of this toy's selling points was the fact
that you could tilt the cab and thereby steer the front wheels. The box claims it as a "first."
Texaco first introduced the hexagon logo shown
above in 1965. It is likely this toy soon followed.
Associating with jet fuel was a clever idea to
"modernize" the Texaco marketing program.
Brown & Bigelow Fire Chief Helmet  -  1975(?)
Now this was a real fire helmet! Years earlier Texaco had come out with pressed felt fire chief hats
that, if they ever got wet, looked more like a red dish rag on your head. Not this baby! Solid plastic.
It even came with a loudspeaker-headphone
system. The speaker was in the white shield.
Finding a helmet with its original box is not easy,
but they still surface on a regular basis.
Although this example was made by Brown & Bigelow, Park Plastics produced an almost identical
version as well. The manufacturer's stamp seems to indicate a 1975 date. Not sure of this conclusion.
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