Doepke Construction Toys
About Doepke
#2000 Wooldridge Dump Truck
#2006 Adams Road Grader
#2011 Heiliner Earth Scraper
#2001 Barber-Greene Bucket Loader
#2007 Unit Crane
#2012 Caterpillar D-6 Bulldozer
#2002 Jaeger Cement Mixer
#2009 Euclid Dump Truck
#2013 Barber-Greene Bucket Loader
Can you identify all
of the toys in these
great photos from
the late 1940's?

You should be able
to spot three Doepke

Whoever this young
lad is, he must have
had a father who
owned a toy store!

By the expression on
his face he really
seems to be enjoying
Please Note!

    All of the items shown in this Photo Gallery of Doepke Construction Toys are part of my
    personal collection. They are original, unrestored examples.

    Whenever possible I have attempted to assign a year of manufacture to aid collectors in
    identifying particular variations. Many Doepke boxes were stamped with a date code. I
    used this code (when available), published data (from that era and current sources), as
    well as observations by reputable and knowledgeable collectors, to help me arrive at the
    posted dates of production. It is possible these dates may some day be found to be
    inaccurate, but to the best of my knowledge and ability, I believe them to be correct. I
    would welcome any input from viewers who have additional information.

    Longtime Doepke collectors have noticed production variances regarding the details of
    these construction toys. Many are very minor.  The toys on this site represent what are,  
    in my opinion, significant versions of a particular model number.

    It is important to note that production changes occurred over time and were often dictated
    by the supplies on hand. Therefore, individual toys found today may not exactly match
    those shown here. This is quite common, especially in the earlier production years.

    For their invaluable assistance throughout my Doepke collecting years, I want to thank Dr.
    John Thiel of Iowa and Mr. Jeff Hubbard of Florida.  Both of these kind and extremely
    knowledgeable men have been most influential and helpful in my research and verification
    of the contents of this section.

    I hope you enjoy your tour through the fascinating world of Doepke Construction Toys!